International Coconut Oil Conference: “Rethinking Saturated Fat, Boosting Coconut Oil-Linked Health”


The International Coconut Community (ICC) recently organized the International Coconut Oil Conference with the primary goal of tackling the global dietary guideline controversy. The conference gathered experts from diverse fields to delve into the most recent research findings, facilitate the exchange of ideas and insights for the benefits of both producers and consumers. Additionally, the conference aimed to foster research collaborations to address technology gaps. The conference had the theme "Rethinking Saturated Fat, Boosting Coconut Oil-Linked Health" and took place on October 30-31, 2023, at the Lumire Hotel & Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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International Seminar on Harnessing Coconut Potential for Offsetting Carbon Emissions: Integrating Science and Economy for a Sustainable Future


To respond to the challenges of global climate change and implement a sustainable development agenda, the International Coconut Community, in collaboration with Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT), Manado, Indonesia conducted the International Seminar on "Harnessing Coconut Potential for Offsetting Carbon Emissions: Integrating Science and Economy for a Sustainable Future". The seminar was held on 12 and 13 October 2023 in Aryaduta Hotel, Manado, Indonesia.

Well-known experts from five countries gathered to share their latest research and experience and to focus attention on harnessing the potential of coconut in reducing carbon emissions.

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World Coconut Day 2023 Was Celebrated Globally by Member Countries Of International Coconut Community (ICC)


On September 2nd, member countries of ICC celebrated World Coconut Day (WCD), marking the establishment of the ICC. This annual commemoration serves as a tribute to the vital economic and environmental role that coconuts play in the lives of millions of people including coconut farmers and their families, industries and consumers around the world. WCD festivities feature a variety of activities and events. These include exhibitions showcasing the latest coconut products and technologies, educational workshops and training, and cultural performances that reflect the deep cultural significance of coconut in many societies.

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