1. Age : 30-45 years
  2. Citizenship : Must be a citizen of a full member country of APCC
  3. Educational Qualification : Graduate in Accounting/ Business Administration/Financial Management/ Human Resources/Economics
  4. Preferable : Holding CPA certificate
  5. Experience : 5 years experience in Administration and Finance In private or public sector
  6. Starting salary :US$ 1200
  7. Skills : Computer literature/fluent in English/management/ Human resource
  8. Personality : Pleasant and easy to work with.


Functions under the supervision of the Executive Director and in his/her absence Assistant Director, and responsible for the entire management of office administration & Finance and responsible for typist pool, including the messenger, janitor and general utility workers.


  1. Acts as administrative officer and attends to all administrative matters of the APCC Secretariat including public relations and liaison work with the host country/Government of Indonesia, Human resources administration such as staff recruitment, staff administration, payroll, insurances, visa & KITAS for expatriate employees.


  1. Supervises and ensures the smooth implementation of all administrative activities of the APCC Secretariat including procurement of office supplies, materials and equipment, job orders, contracts of service, office maintenance and upkeep, inventory of APCC properties and other related matters.


  1. Under the direction of the Executive Director/Assistant Director acts as accountant or financial controller of all funds deposited under the name of the APCC and ensures proper accounting of all financial transactions on a monthly basis.


  1. Maintains and monitors cash books, banks, and the disbursements of the office daily expenses and the petty cash as well as payables, receivables and subscription incomes from APCC publication.


  1. Prepare monthly financial statements/trial balance, yearly financial statements for audit purposes and facilitates bank reconciliation of all APCC funds according to the appropriate fund classification.


  1. Assists the Executive Director and Assistant Director in the annual budget preparation and facilitates in the auditing of all accounts.


  1. Assists the Executive Director and Assistant Director in all financial and administrative duties including airtickets, accommodation and visas related to the conduct of the COCOTCH Meetings, APCC Sessions and other international workshops/trainings/meetings that is held/organized by APCC.


  1. Attends to any other duties assigned by the Executive Director or the Assistant Director.





Basic Pay

Other Benefits


Monthly Salary




Provident Fund (contributed by APCC)**


15% of monthly salary


Vacation Leave


20 days / year


Sick Leave


15 days / year


Health Insurance


Depends on health condition & age (Group insurance)


Separation Benefit


One month basic salary (at the time of separation) for every year of service


Transportation Allowance


US$ 100 / month


Life Insurance


Insurance coverage value per year = one month salary x 24


* Starting pay; increasing at US$50 / year.


** The Administrative & Finance Officer will contribute 6% of his/her salary to the Provident Fund. When he/she is separated, he/she gets the full amount of his/her share in the Provident Fund (21% of monthly basic salary), including its earnings.

Application in English should reach us by 20 April 2018 by Mail (PO BOX 1343, Jakarta 10013) or email (